Viste a tu Princesa

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エンターテインメント 教育
開発者 EducaMobile S.L.
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Spanish version of Dress your Princess.

Regardless of age, princess stories never fail to delight and captivate. Were offering a stylish application that allows you to create your own princess and also gives you the chance to create story princesses from all over the world.

Its almost impossible to resist the opportunity to create your own princess, especially when you have so many carefully designed dresses, jewelry, accessories and more to choose from. This application gives you the chance to use your imagination and exercise your creativity to achieve results which may even exceed your expectations.

The application can be educational, fun or adventurous, even challenging. Princesses can be created in different styles; fairytale, glamourous, casual, fun, distant or childlike.

You will be drawn willingly to a world of princesses from all corners of the world and youll find you spend many hours in this enchanted world of stories and mystery.

We have carefully designec and created dresses, hairstyles, scarves, gloves, crowns, earrings, bracelets, rings and other accessories so that youll never tire of this application and will come back to it again and again as if you had just added it to your iPhone.

Dress a Princess offers you almost everything you might need:
- Diversity and originality - many thousands of unique princesses.
- Storytelling and unlockable elements.
- The ability to save princesses in the applications gallery.
- Use of any background you might wish to add.
- Thumbnails and scrolling gallery.
- Princess interactivity (voice and expressions)
- Ambient music

You can name your new made princess, take photos of your new princess, save her to your gallery or exit and continue later from where you left off.

An outstanding feature is that most of the available elements can be customised also with various colours and colour combinations.

We hope you will enjoy exploring this application as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

You can watch a video of the game here: